31 July 2008

can you believe it?!?

I have been waiting for a couple of parcels to arrive this week, so when the postie didn't drop anything through my door today I was a little upset..... So later I went to a friend's house so our children can play, and on my journey I passed the post van (that often delivers parcels). I thought to myself - is my parcel there?? - no chance really!!

Well, when I returned home a little red card was waiting for me saying I had 2 packets that couldn't fit through my door, so I have to pick them up tomorrow- WHAT!!!!OH NO!!! He had been at 1.25 and I left home at 1.15!!!!!

JUST MY LUCK!!!!!!!!


Roos said...

ooo to bad that you have to wait now :(

i got your swap yesterday :)
thanks , it was great .
send you mine next week .

greetings Roos

LizzieJane said...

That is so frustrating, knowing you have a package but can't get to it, I just hate it when that happens!
Have a lovely weekend anyway!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Well I guess you are looking forward to tomorrow, hehe:)