24 July 2008

Another of leah's cardigans

Here is another of Leah's cardigans I made that I thought I would post. I made it in May and as its a short cardigan it didn't take too long. I made it with Sirdar Snuggly (such a soft yarn and it's great as I can put it in the washing machine too!) in a shade called clover. I really like to make patterned things. It's strange to think that I self taught myself all the fiddly bits about 3 or 4 years ago after having the basic knowledge already. my Nana taught me to knit as a child and I remember going to the wool shops to buy the wool I needed to make the toys I used to knit.

I also taught myself to crochet as a child too! I don't do as much crochet as knitting, but I did manage to make William a blanket in two evenings which I was impressed with.

As there are still a few hours left of the evening before I go to bed I think I will try to get my socks finished whilst watching 'The Hotel Inspector' and enjoying a glass of wine :o)


Sanne's World said...

You are just so good at making things - I wish I was that creative.

Esther said...

thanks! I do follow a pattern, i don't make it up - I'm no tthat clever LOL!