12 August 2009

Don't forget!!!!

I just wanted to post to remind my visitors that if you want your own bunny or toy personally made by me, you just have to e-mail me and I can do it for you! (hetty24tigger@yahoo.com)

I can make a selection of toys with various outfits and themes, just ask.

I always try to be reasonable in my pricing and we can always come to some arrangement. Just because I haven't posted a picture of the finished toys doesn't mean they are not available.

Here are some examples of finished toys....

06 August 2009

A summer jumper for William

Its been a while since I have posted anything about knitting, well finally here is something I have finished! I made this for my nephew, but didn't have the right mood to sew it up for absoultely ages. I was really pleased with the result, especially as I didn't use an expensive yarn - and despite that it was really soft.

I haven't seen my nephew in it yet, but my sister seemed to like it which is the main thing. I have a sock which is almost finished now - and has been on the needles forever, so hopefully I will be able to get on with the second one soon!

04 August 2009

This made me laugh...

I meant to post this picture earlier - my friend saw this and sent the picture to me, I did have a good chuckle!!