04 December 2009

What to put in a toddler's advent calendar?

I finally found an advent calendar for Leah which I didn't have to put together from a kit and wasn't over £30.
I actually found it at our local Church Christmas bazaar for £3!

I had to come up with some ideas to fill it with as I didn't really want to give her sweets or chocolates each day.

I looked on Ravelry for some small toy knits which wouldn't be too time consuming and would be loved by Leah.

The first I found was a pattern for an Amigurimi Pocket Bunny which was a bit fiddly, but pretty cute. Leah keep moaning that iIidn't make it a tail!

The second I have made so far is for a holiday mouse by Fuzzy mitten (this can be found via the link to Ravelry or via her blog). This was a really quick knit and knitted up in just a few hours. As it is knitted straight it wasn't as fiddly and as she uses bobbles rather than knitting arms and legs there is much less sewing!

I think he's pretty darn cute :o)

We're going to finish off the Christmas shopping today so we're going to head into town early(ish) to beat the lunchtime rush!

01 December 2009

To have or not to have, that is the question

I am due to have the swine flu vaccine on Friday and am still in tow minds whether to have it or not. If I wasn't pregnant and was offered it I wouldn't really hesitate, but being 31 weeks pregnant now I don't know what to do for the best.

At the moment I feel that the risks and complications of getting swine flu in the third trimester outweigh the risks of the vaccine BUT as it is a new vaccine and had been produced pretty quickly I don't know how I should feel about having it.

I spoke to my midwife yesterday who handed me a leaflet printed by the Government - who want all pregnant women to have the vaccine - so I didn't expect them to say not to have it.

I really am in a bit of a pickle and don't quite know what to do! Any views or experiences with receiving the vaccine would be greatly appreciated!