31 July 2008

can you believe it?!?

I have been waiting for a couple of parcels to arrive this week, so when the postie didn't drop anything through my door today I was a little upset..... So later I went to a friend's house so our children can play, and on my journey I passed the post van (that often delivers parcels). I thought to myself - is my parcel there?? - no chance really!!

Well, when I returned home a little red card was waiting for me saying I had 2 packets that couldn't fit through my door, so I have to pick them up tomorrow- WHAT!!!!OH NO!!! He had been at 1.25 and I left home at 1.15!!!!!

JUST MY LUCK!!!!!!!!

Bought the chocolate for my swap....mmmmm..

This morning I have been to the post office to post a letter to my dear friend in Holland, and I've also been to the sweet shop to buy some chocolate for a friend in Finland who is kindly sending me some liquorice (mmmmm.......) in return!

I decided to post the chocolates on here so that all the chocoholics that read this blog will be jealous and my friend can see what I am sending her.

I spent a little more on the chocolate than the liquorice - £2.80, but I think the postage will be lighter, so that balances it out a little, as postage is expensive from here in the UK! The weight of the chocolate is 250g (not so good for the waist line!!!).
I hope the 6 bars will be enough - if they are not - you know who you are if I am sending them to you - please let me know, I'd like to be fair! I may also send a little surprise too if you are lucky LOL!
My favourites are the 'Time Out' and 'Twirl', but I also love the 'Crunchie' bar and the 'Flake' - I actually bought all the ones I like myself :o) x

30 July 2008

A week and a half 'till holiday!!

Can you believe it's only a week and a half until we go to Cornwall again - yippee!! it doesn't seem like a year since we were last there.

Those of you that know me well, know that I go to Cornwall EVERY year without fail with my family. We stay in a village called Porthtowan on the North coast near to St. Agnes. We are spending two weeks there and I just hope the weather is good to us, I want to get on that beautiful beach.

One of our favourite places to visit is St. Ives and we have a meal booked for the Thursday night at a restaurant called Alba which is situated on the harbour. We always pass it when we visit so thought we might as well eat there this year.

The worst part is getting there - a 330 mile drive, leaving at 3am - yikes! Well at least it misses the traffic. I wish i was there now rather than sitting at my desk at work LOL!

29 July 2008

A 'new' Etsy .....

I have just seen a link from Simply Knitting Magazine about a new site called Folksy which is based in the UK for buying and selling all things handmade.

It is still in the beta stage which means that it is still under development, but it looks like it could be promising.

I'm going to keep an eye on it to see how it develops as a site and then who knows????

28 July 2008

Hello Martha!!

Say hello to Martha! Sorry the photos are so bad, the camera doesn't like the flash much! Well here is Martha, my first little bunny I have knitted that turned out ok! I didn't use any expensive wool to maker her as I didn't want to waste it :o(

I added a little pattern to the bottom of her dress, but it needs an iron as it keeps curling up at the edges. I think she turned out quite well - well ok for a first attempt.

I'm not sure I am 100% happy with the ears, they're a bit wider than I had hoped so I might cut the size down a little - I'm not sure - what do you think?? Any feedback will be appreciated!
I always find the faces hard to do as I don't want them to look silly. Embroidery is a bit like handwriting, each person's is individual. I decided not to embroider a mouth as such as they've always looked strange when I have done them before. I am happy with what I have given her.
Know I'm going to practice a few more before I experiment with some different yarns.
If they turn out well, I may decide to sell them in an etsy shop. Each one would be individual - anyone interested - LoL!
Off to bed now, ready for work tomorrow......

27 July 2008

I had to post these.....

I had to post these photos of Leah sitting at the bottom of the stairs, which I managed to take without her knowing!

She was trying to put both her shoes and coat on at the same time! (sorry about her skirt being tucked in her knickers, it's the only way she can get about as the dress is too long for her to crawl, and she ends up doing a strange walk come crawl on her hands and feet!).

I think she has spotted me LOL!

26 July 2008

I'm making fish cakes for dinner...

I wasn't sure what to make for dinner tonight so Richard and I decided I'd make smoked haddock fishcakes. I haven't made them from a recipe, I'll just put them together and see how they'll turn out.
So far I have cooked the potatoes ready for crushing later and have poached the haddock in a stock of celery, onion, bayleaves, salt and pepper.
When everything is cool I'll combine the ingredients with some spring onions and sweetcorn, make then into cake shapes and coat in flour before frying.
We'll have them with broccoli, green beans and carrots, and I may even have a poached egg on top (from the hens of course!)
Mmmmmm, hope they'll be tasty!

25 July 2008

Found a great Etsy shop!

For those of you that are interested in knitting toys and their clothes, i have found a great shop on Etsy called Fuzzy Mitten and the woman who runs it designs and sells the patterns for making toys. What is even better is that she doesn't mind if you want to sell the toys you make, once you have the pattern it is up to you what you do with them. As long as you don't call it a 'Fuzzy Mitten bear' for example in the description (as Fuzzy Mitten is a trademark) she really doesn't mind! She would quite like it if it mentions you have made it from an original Fuzzt Mitten™ pattern.

That was great for me as I have been trying to design my own toys to sell but am not having much luck. i find it easier to adapt patterns for clothes etc. rather than designing my own toys. You should see my attempt at a rabbit - not what I hoped for, but leah liked it nonetheless!!

So I may try to get something sold in Etsy, just watch this spac

been out to play!

Leah and I have just got back from being at a Thai friend's house for a play and a bite of lunch. Leah played with all the other children there aging from 12 to 17 months and she had a great time.

She made us some lovely fried rice - much better than mine ever is. We joked saying she'll have to give me Thai cookery lessons - yum, yum, yum :o)

When I got back I saw that the postman had been with my package, but as I was out he didn't leave it so I have to collect from the post office tomorrow - hmmph! I know what it is, but it still doesn't stop me being impatient. I always get like that when I am waiting for something to arrive.

Mum e-mailed me this photo of Leah from yesterday trying to eat an oyster shell (well at least it kept her quiet) so I thought I would share it. What a shame you can't see her face!

Off now to drink my tea - what would I do without it?

24 July 2008

Another of leah's cardigans

Here is another of Leah's cardigans I made that I thought I would post. I made it in May and as its a short cardigan it didn't take too long. I made it with Sirdar Snuggly (such a soft yarn and it's great as I can put it in the washing machine too!) in a shade called clover. I really like to make patterned things. It's strange to think that I self taught myself all the fiddly bits about 3 or 4 years ago after having the basic knowledge already. my Nana taught me to knit as a child and I remember going to the wool shops to buy the wool I needed to make the toys I used to knit.

I also taught myself to crochet as a child too! I don't do as much crochet as knitting, but I did manage to make William a blanket in two evenings which I was impressed with.

As there are still a few hours left of the evening before I go to bed I think I will try to get my socks finished whilst watching 'The Hotel Inspector' and enjoying a glass of wine :o)

So lovely not to be working today!!!

Leah and I have just got back from being at the beach with my parents, for a little picnic lunch. Leah had her usual avocado, ham sandwich and strawberries (although not altogether!) Us adults had egg sandwiches courtesy of the hens :o)

The weather is glorious so we decided to take the 5 minute walk to the beach and were there for about 1.5 hours altogether. We had a blanket, chairs and of course a bucket and spade for Leah. She tried to build a sandcastle but it wasn't that successful - well at least she tried.

The tide was out when we got there so we had a little (and I mean little) walk along the shore and I collected quite a few oyster shells. One was whole so I bought it home to add to my other shells in the bathroom. I think I will give it a wash first though LOL!

In Southend, as we are on the Thames Estuary the tide comes in really fast - we guessed it took 3 minutes when we looked it was quite a way out, then it was by the first line of fishing boats! it can be easy to get cut off on the mud flats and people need rescuing all the time.

Anyway as the tide came in we had a paddle and the water was warm - unlike in Cornwall where it is the Atlantic Ocean. Even Leah dipped in her little tootsies :op

As we left she fell asleep in her pushchair and I managed to put her to sleep in her cot when we got home. So know I'm off to the garden to catch a few rays whilst I can!

Got some mail!!

Today I received a great swap from my new swapper in Germany. What a great selection!

Returning some homers...

Tomorrow I'll be returning some homers to their owners - three to Germany and one to The Netherlands. Do you recongnise any? It may be coming to you!

23 July 2008

Finally got an etsy account

Today i finally went ahead and got myself an etsy account as there are so many nice handmade things to buy. if you haven't seen it check out the website http://www.etsy.com/ for lovely handmade items. I bought myself some knitting patterns which are being e-mailed so no postage costs either.

If anyone has an etsy shop could you leave the address in the comments section so I can have a look at what you are selling - or also if you buy things from a regular seller then please let me know :o)

22 July 2008

I want that one!

I've decided I'm going to go for this colour yarn, as you can see from below , it has a really good effect :o)

Which yarn to buy???

I was browsing eBay at lunch to look for some lovely yarn to get to make my Mum a pair of socks (she always wears them with pride). I came across the new Noro yarn from Japan which has some lovely colour ways, especially this one above.

The other one I am toying with is this one which is made from alpaca by ARTESANO which looks lovely too. I have never used Alpaca yarn before. i will probably get both but they are a little pricy so we'll have to see. Not like my usual sock yarns!

Talking of which I bought some beautiful rainbow coloured yarn by Regia at the weekend which I can't wait to get started on!

21 July 2008

BAD mail weeks - what's up?

Well, I think that my mailman doesn't like me any more as I haven't had any mail for ages! Well, I say no mail, I actually got loads of mail last week but all from the tax office so it doesn't count. It was good news though as they gave me almost £400 in tax credits for last year so that was great! it will pay for our holiday in Cornwall next month :o)

I'm not actually waiting for anything in particular, I was just hoping some swaps will arrive as I think (??) I'm up to date with MOST of them LOL! I have group swaps to receive but they're not due until the end of August so I don't expect anything that quickly. I just LOOOVE getting good mail..... I don't even have anything to arrive from eBay - what's wrong???????
Hopefully tomorrow will be better, I can only wish :o)

20 July 2008

New shoes...

Yesterday Mum and dad held their annual barbeque that they hold on their back garden along with next door neighbours. The whole street was invited along with other friends and family. Leah was a good girl and stayed up until 10.30pm when we left. Actually she was supposed to have gone to sleep but there was too much excitement and she didn't want to give in. We had changed her into her pyjamas so at least it was easy to put her straight to bed when we got home.

We had been into Southend earlier in the day to get a few things - sheets for the Moses basket for Anna, new trainers for Richard, some ribbon for the cardigan I am currently knitting and NEW SHOES for Leah!! We got two pairs and one she is wearing in the photo. She looks so grown up! I think she likes them too - although as the fastenings are velcro she has great pleasure in undoing them at every opportunity LOL!

Welcome baby William

This week I got to see William properly, as Anna and him were discharged from hospital on Thursday. They are both doing really well at home and Anna is managing to feed him without too much trouble so far. I had a lovely cuddle on Friday when I dropped some dinner off for Will and Anna as its not easy to cook with a two day old baby demanding all your attention. They ate it all which is a good sign LOL!

Leah wanted to get close but doesn't quite understand that he is so tiny and can't play yet. She even offered her dummy - bless her!! I don't think William was impressed though!

16 July 2008

It's a BOY!!

My sister gave birth to a baby boy at approx 10.01am. I understand mother and baby are doing well, but I haven't seen either yet. He weighs (we think) 7lb 10oz. Hopefully I can go and visit when I finish work - what a relief!
p.s. the picture is NOT of him :o)

I LOVE Liquorice!

I was just thinking of what websites I had added as my favourites, and I forgot about the two dutch stores. I haven't visited for a while, but when I did I bought a job lot of liquorice! i can't remember the brand off the top of my head, but it was a mixed bag of salt, sweet, honey and other kinds - yummy!

When I was in the lake district last year i bought some tasty belgian salt liquorice..mmmmmm...... I think the last piece has gone now. i'll just have to keep hunting for some shops round here that sell it. Wish me luck...

15 July 2008

STILL no baby............

Mum phoned from the hopsital about 20 minutes ago and Anna still hasn't had the baby :o( Poor dear! She has now had an epidural which should allow her to rest, and she is being put on a drip to speed the labour up as her progression is slow.......sounds too familiar to me LOL! My main concern is that they both come out of hospital safely. Good luck little sis! xxx

Still no baby 'Prowse' yet..

When I last spoke to my Mum, at around 1.30pm, she said Anna was still at home, but they were shortly leaving for the hospital. They had tried to call earlier to admit her, but as her waters haven't broken they wouldn't let her go yet. I could hear her distressed in the background and Mum says she's exhausted already. Well who wouldn't be after being in labour since 2am! Anyway I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly for her (unlike me!) and that the baby will arrive safely, and sooner rather than later. it makes me angry that the hospital wouldn't admit her when she is in pain, with no relief at home, and the fact that no one can do anything to help her. I've wished her lots of luck and this time tomorrow I will be an auntie!!

The birth is iminent!

Just to let you know my sister is in labour but has been sent home by the hospital. I will keep you updated!

14 July 2008


This is the latest pair of socks I am making (on the needles - OTNs). It's the first pair I have made with a pattern on them and I am pleased so far. I just have to finish the second one off and then they'll be done! I don't know whether to keep them or give them to my Mum!!

13 July 2008

What hard work today......

I've been horseriding this morning and the horse I rode was really hard work today. For some reason she didn't want to trot to catch the horse in front, so I used all my energy trying to get her moving. We did have some good canters, but she wasn't as forward going as she has been before. I think she's getting bored LOL!

In this picture she looks as good as gold :o)

She is still one of my favourites, just a bit more challenging now. Hopefully she'll be better the next time I ride her, although I still had a good time today, especially as the sun was shining.

I'm still tired from yesterday as we went to bed a bit later as Mum and Dad stayed over, and I've been awake since 6.30 am when Leah woke up. I'm tempted to have a nap whilst she is asleep although I ought to write some letters..........my eyes feel very heavy..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

12 July 2008

I came second!

Today I took part in my first fishing match for about 15 years, and, with a little help from Richard I caught 8lb 8oz. Here is me and my catch.

A closer look at my fish - aren't they beauties! After this they went back in the lake.

Here is me (with my eyes shut LOL!) collecting my prize money (all of £4!) and my chocolates. I really enjoyed myself :o)

10 July 2008

Goodnight, sleep tight...........

As I was looking for the last picture of the bunny Leah has (see previous post) I came across this and couldn't resist! Goodnight everyone xxx

I got there in the end!

I have been inspired to try and make my own knitted bunny for Leah by one of the blogs I read regularly. After three attempts today I finally got the shape head I wanted for him/her (haven't decided which yet). Gee, it was hard work!! I have a stuffed toy that I am using as a guide for the shaping, but its not as easy as you think designing your own stuffed toy. I'll have to post the pictures later!

Some sad news.....

Sadly, one of my parents' chickend died yesterday. She was my favourite we named 'Gertie'. We think she had got egg bound as they are all new to laying. I know you can't grow attached in two weeks to chickens, but it is still a shame. She looked like the hen above.

RIP Gertie!! x

09 July 2008

FINALLY some mail!!!

Here is part of a swap via CuteFBswappers, from a Finnish swapper, the theme was Diddl & Friends.

This was the second part of the same swap, Cute Disney Characters. Aren't they great??

Here is the private swap from my swapper in the USA - can you see any of your fbs here?? What a great swap!

Soldier, soldier

I like these little dolls and leah does too. Richard's not so keen....

Socks, Socks, socks!

This was the first pair of socks I made with 2 needles, and they didn't take long at all. However I didn't like the way you have to sew them up so I haven't made any since. I used Sirdar Hug yarn (2 x 50g balls)

This pair was from a yarn I bought from eBay called 'Yummy Yarn'. I didn't know how the pattern would come out, and I was pleased with the result.

These were also made on 4 DPNs using Opal rainforest 6ply yarn. I think it was Flamingo colour! I prefer the fairisle yarns, but still liked these. I have the yarn in Tiger too :o)

This was the first pair of socks I made and my first time using 4 needles at once. I finished them off in a caravan in Hastings on Bonfire night last year. The yarn was Sirdar Town & Country which I really liked, but unfortunately they don't do it any more.

Yuck! it's WET!!

Bleughh! What horrid weather outside today. I finally thought the Summer was here and then we have wet weather for this week until the weekend. I should have expected no less from the British Summer. Lucky I'm at work and not wasting any sunshine today.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do tonight, I think my mail is calling me, and also it depends on what arrives today! It can't be any worse than yesterday!

08 July 2008

who invented blogs? They're too addictive...

I have to admit I am rather addicted to my blog and am constantly discovering new things to add and also other people's blogs. It's great fun!
I did plan to watch a new drama on BBC1 this evening and did my blogging throughout the whole thing. Lucky I have Sky+ and I'll be able to watch it another time.
For the last few minutes (!) before I go to bed I think I'll try and finish the back of the Daisy wrapover cardigan I'm making for Leah at the moment.
Tomorrow I plan to upload the photos of the socks I have made so far - well apart from the 2 pairs I made for my Mum, which I forgot to photograph, but everyone will get an idea from the other pairs I have made. Hopefully they will be liked. I find them really quick and easy to make, but were a bit difficult at first as I had never used DPNs before, let alone 4 at once!

I now feel fat!

We had a lovely dinner at the pub, but for some reason they thought they could fit 10 adults and a high chair around a table meant for 8 at the most. Rich, myself and Leah sat on another table nearby, but Leah wanted to be with the rest of the family so proceeded to scream!

Luckily another table a little nearer came available, so we moved and she seemed happier. Now I feel stuffed as my dinner was HUGE! Very tasty though, especially the ice cream and butterscotch sauce we had after :o)

Leah is now in bed and will hopefully be asleep soon. I have my fingers crossed xxx

must remember, must remember, must remember....

got to go to the Bell, mustn't go home!

Yippee! Lunch........

Just thought i'd write a brief few words before I tuck into my sandwich - yummy :o)

Tonight I have to remember NOT to drive straight home form work, but to meet mine and Richard's families at the Bell Pub for a carvery dinner. My in-laws' friends are down from Northamptonshire, so we're all meeting up for a meal tonight. I really, really hope I don't drive home.

Then later I will be able to see if the postman has left me any good mail today. I am waiting for a book to arrive from ebay full of knitted toys to make. I remember having extracts form this book when i was little and making baby bees, lady birds and also some funky penguins! its going to bring back some memories I think.........

Now a relaxing Monday evening........

Phew, what a relief to put my feet up at the end of the day! Leah and I took my sister to the supermarket this morning to do our weekly shop and Leah was as good as gold and only screamed once!

Then this afternoon, after her nap (when I created my blog) we uploaded some photos to the pc which took forever but we got there eventually :o)

We went to get some new PJs for Leah and I ended up buying some shoes and a new handbag too, luckily they were half price and I di like a bargain.

I had no mail today and signed all my fbs yesterday, with the help of Leah, who put the signed ones in my box (and took all the others out and spread them across the floor!) She always seems to like the sparkly ones LOL!

So tonight I'm putting my feet up and relaxing, watching some TV with Richard and I'm pondering having a glass of wine....... I may even get my knitting out as I don't have to concentrate on that at all!!

some of leah's cardigans

here are some of the cardigans, tops and jumpers I have made for leah recently, my favourite is the raspberry one. This and the turquoise cardigan are made from baby bamboo by Sirdar, the tunic from Bergere de France caline yarn, which is lovely to work with, and the tank top from a left over ball of Sirdar snuggly.