20 July 2008

New shoes...

Yesterday Mum and dad held their annual barbeque that they hold on their back garden along with next door neighbours. The whole street was invited along with other friends and family. Leah was a good girl and stayed up until 10.30pm when we left. Actually she was supposed to have gone to sleep but there was too much excitement and she didn't want to give in. We had changed her into her pyjamas so at least it was easy to put her straight to bed when we got home.

We had been into Southend earlier in the day to get a few things - sheets for the Moses basket for Anna, new trainers for Richard, some ribbon for the cardigan I am currently knitting and NEW SHOES for Leah!! We got two pairs and one she is wearing in the photo. She looks so grown up! I think she likes them too - although as the fastenings are velcro she has great pleasure in undoing them at every opportunity LOL!

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Martina said...

Oh my, Leah is such a cutie! :))