21 July 2008

BAD mail weeks - what's up?

Well, I think that my mailman doesn't like me any more as I haven't had any mail for ages! Well, I say no mail, I actually got loads of mail last week but all from the tax office so it doesn't count. It was good news though as they gave me almost £400 in tax credits for last year so that was great! it will pay for our holiday in Cornwall next month :o)

I'm not actually waiting for anything in particular, I was just hoping some swaps will arrive as I think (??) I'm up to date with MOST of them LOL! I have group swaps to receive but they're not due until the end of August so I don't expect anything that quickly. I just LOOOVE getting good mail..... I don't even have anything to arrive from eBay - what's wrong???????
Hopefully tomorrow will be better, I can only wish :o)


Grooveycrafts said...

normally this is me so I know what you mean, for me I am waiting for letters to come with no longer swapping. You never know though the next couple of weeks things may end up flooding through.

This week and last have been really good for me :)

Bianca said...

I sent out my private swap to you today so I guess you should have some mail at the end of this week... ;-)

Chars said...

I should be in there soon enough :) You are NEXT on my long overdue list of people that I have owed mail to forever :( I am so sorry and I hope you forgive me? I am finally catching up - yay :)Hugs xxx