28 February 2010

Some knitted things for Evie

I haven't posted many things I've knitted for a while, so whilst I have a spare minute, I thought I'd show a few things I have made for Evie (although most were knitted before she was born and before I knew we were having a girl).

This little jumper made with Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino,

a little wrap over cardigan,
a lacy cardigan in DK acrylic,

and another little cardigan this time in 4 ply rather than DK acrylic (for easy washing!). Although wool is nicer it isn't as easy to care for.

I have just got some lovely girly coloured yarn, so will post some pictures of the things I have made once they are knitted. The above are all aged 0-3 months, and the next wave of knitted will be for 3 - 6 months, so she will have a chance to grow into them.

21 February 2010

Evie and Leah

Finally here are some photos of little Evie. At the moment we can't find the lead for our main camera, so I've taken a few with my old one. I wanted to show you all the photos of her when she was first borr, but at thr moment I will have to make do with these.

Here she is with her big sister, who can't stop kissing her! I was a bit worried how Leah was going to react to anew baby in the house, but luckily so far she has been really good. She's been a bit difficult going to bed, but apart from that she has been a real star. her favourite thing is helping Mummy to give Evie a bath.

Evie doesn't look so happy here!

07 February 2010

baby's here!!!

I'm writing from my hospital bed so won't be long. Baby Evie May was born today at 11.39 am weighing 8lb 3oz. I had a natural delivery with only gas and air. We're both ok just a bit sore - photos will be posted once we're home.