19 April 2010

A little bit of knitting........

I finished another little cardigan for Evie, and hopefully this will be one she can grow into rather than out grow straight away. She's now 14lb 12oz the little piggy. My health visitor says I must have gold top milk, ha ha!!

I really liked this cardigan and the yarn was a real good bargain from black sheep wools.

This one I finally got around to sweing up, as it was supposed to be for Evie. Of course once she was born she wasn't a boy so now I just have to wait to see if anyone's new arrival will need this.
I managed to take a photo of her wearing the little jumper I made with the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino yarn, but as you can see she isn't going to be able to wear it again as her little (or not so little) tummy id too big. Poor little mite - good job she's a happy little soul :o)

06 April 2010

Happy Belated Easter.....

I hope that everyone had a good Easter. We spent it with family - on Saturday we had champagne and drinks to celebrate Evie's birth, and Sunday and Monday evenings we had dinner with my parents and then the in laws.

Tomorrow we are having a day out as it is the little monkey's 3rd birthday. I hope she'll have a fun day!

I planned to make bunny egg cosies for all Leah's friends who are coming to her party on Saturday, but what with having Evie wanting most of my time I haven't had a chance to knit all the pieces let alone sew them up which I found to be pretty time consuming.

I did manage one complete cosie so Leah's nabbed that one!

I have managed to knit a little cardigan for Evie, but with the rate she is growing an the lack of warm weather, I'm not sure if she'll get around to wearing it. I do hope so as I think its a really pretty one.

Here she is today, being a very good girl whilst I prepared dinner. What a cutie, even if I do say so myself!