11 November 2008

My own little rabbit.....

I just wanted to show my little rabbit design I made before I found the fuzzy mitten patterns. It wasn't quite as good as I had hoped but it wasn't bad for my first own toy pattern!

For those of you interested here is the pattern - I used sirdar snowflake DK and 3.75 mm needles. A different yarn may have a different effect as this yarn isn't as bulky as normal DK yarns. If there are any problems please let me know as it was a while ago I jotted the pattern down in my notebook!


cast on 15 sts, purl 1 row

knit into front and back of every stitch - 30 sts

P 1 row

Knit front and back into every other stitch - 45 sts

starting purl, st st 9 rows

next row - *K2tog K3* nine times - 36sts

st st 3 rows

*K3 K2tog* until last stitch, K1 29 sts

st st 3 rows

K2tog 7 times, K1, K2tog 7 times 15 sts

st st 3 rows

K2tog 3 times, K3, K2tog 3 times

P 1 row

K2tog all across the row

bind off

Ears (make 2 the same)

cast on 10 sts

st st 10 rows

K1 (knit front and back next stitch, K2) 3 times - 13 sts

st st 3 rows

K2tog 3 times, k1, k2tog 3 times - 7 sts

st st 3 rows

(K1 K2tog) 2 times, K1 - 5 sts

P 1 row

K2tog K1 K2tog - 3 sts

bind off


cast on 15 sts

st st 3 rows

inc into every other stitch - 30 sts

st st 3 rows

inc into every other stitch - 40 sts

st st 21 rows

K1 K2tog across the row - 30 sts

st st 7 rows

cast off

leg (make two the same)

begin at foot

cast on 10 sts

P 1 row

inc into every stitch - 20 sts

st st 3 rows

increase into every other stitch (by knitting front and back) - 30 sts

st st 7 rows

K3 tog 10 times - 10 sts

increase into every other stitch across row - 15sts

st st 25 rows or length required for leg

K1 k2tog to end 10 sts

st st 5 rows

cast off

arms (make 2)

cast on 20 sts

st st 30 rows

K2 tog K1 to 9 sts

bind off

join all seams by mattress stitch.

Embroider face or use safety eyes on the head.

Wrap yarn around the decreases of foot to make a defined foot shape.

Join arms, legs, head and ears to the body.

make a pom pom tail if you want :o)


huppeltje said...

love this pattern!

Arianna Vonhoff said...

I have been searching and searching for the PERFECT bunny pattern that isnt going to make me cry to make. and because of you i have found it. TY SOOO much for sharing this