11 November 2008

not having much luck!

I've never made myself a jumper or anything of any size before, so I went ahead gung - ho and got stuck right in.

I had the right needles, right yarn, but what - it looks a bit small??!! You know what I didn't do? Knit a tension square! This is something I have never done before, aminly becuae I knit for Leah, and her sizes always fit, plus it takes too much time and I like to get results straight away.

Anyway, I decided to go up a needle size for both the border and main body of the jumper and to also do a bigger size ( I bought enough yarn for this anyway) - and did a bit of a tension square and counted the stitches (not the whole amount of rows) and it doesn't seem to be too bad. I haven't knitted that much so it is difficult to see what kind of size it is going to be....

The problem is that I am so impatient when it comes to knitting, I want a result NOW!

Hopefully it will turn out ok!

i will post some pictures when I am progressed a bit further :o)


LizzieJane said...

you sound exactly like me...I hate knitting tension squares! But in the long run they do save a lot of time and a lot of headaches, but I still have to force myself to do them all the time. Looking forward to seeing your new sweater, the color is beautiful.

Esther said...

I must admit the picture isn't my own work - wish it was as I love the colour too!