17 November 2008

About the bunnies....

I have been thinking about this for a while...... If anyone is interested in having their own bunny I am willing to sell them for £12 each plus postage and packaging. This will cover the costs of materials and time I'd have to put in.
So far I have only made bunnies, but I can also do a tiger, mouse and lamb - all with clothes of course.
Once I have practiced for myself on those patterns, I can offer those for sale too.
If you are interested just e-mail me (see my profile) or leave a comment for me and I can add you to the list.
I can't promise how quickly I would be able to make them, it all depends on what else I have to do - but I can promise each will be unique and I have a selection of clothing to use for each bunny (if there is nothing suitable I could always design something).
Esther & the bunnies! xx


Kitty said...

That bunny is soooooo cute! x

JustMe said...

Such a cool Bunny !!!

LizzieJane said...

What a lovely bunny, I hope you do very well with them