29 October 2009

Some yummy goodies on their way (soon)

I saw a lovely post on Lizzie Jane's blog about her soap making and I really couldn't resist. Her daughter has a lovely etsy shop with an amazing amount of bath goodies which I just had to have. Luckily she ships to the UK too!

I ordered some delicious items as you can see :o)

This one is a vegan Jasmine soap (can't wait for this)

a Frankinscence and myrhh soap bar, just in time for Christmas,

and finally some little strawberry and kiwi bears for Leah to have in her bath (she loves to get clean).

I would recommend popping by as she has a 20% sale until 31st October and everything is beautifully made!

25 October 2009

The first of my Christmas bunnies

I wanted to introduce you to the first of my Christmas bunnies which are for sale. This little fellow is called Alfie and is knitted from Sirdar Snuggly DK, so is very soft and cuddly. I made his jumper using some Christmas motifs I found in a knitting magazine from a few years back. The bunny itself is from my own design.

He is looking for a home and is £9 plus P&P, depending on which country you live in. I will only charge for postage and packing materials, nothing more!

I made his little tail from Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake and it is very soft and cute! If you are interested please e-mail me or leave a message on this post.
Thanks everyone for dropping by!

24 October 2009

An evening walk to the beach

We didn't get out if the house much yesterday, mainly due to cleaning, washing and ironing (what joy!) so once dinner was on, I though Leah would like a little trip to the beach.

Armed with her bucket and spade we set off hand in hand to the seafront - just at the end of the road!

She always loves it there, filling her bucket with shingle and trying to make a sandcastle (that is never going to work, is it?)

She had fun anyway and I enjoyed watching her playing with the shells.

She even ran up the hill on the way home, I wish I had that much energy. No chance with a growing baby inside me !

17 October 2009

A giveaway on a wonderful blog

Denise at The Knitting Den is having a giveaway in honour of her birthday and Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The giveaway is for a beautiful pink scarf in true Breast Cancer Awareness fashion. The time and effort she has put into this is wonderful.

Just pop along and add a comment and you will be entered into the draw. Good luck!

16 October 2009

Some yummy baking

This morning Leah and I were watching a new CBeebies programme called 'I can cook' and on there they made some yummy Melting Moments (you can download the PDF from the recipes)

I had all the ingredients in the cupboard so I decided that Leah and I should make some, for something different to do.

here she is creaming the butter and sugar together.....

.... and beating the egg....

.and licking her fingers after rolling in oats and getting ready to bake!

The finished article - VERY tasty!!

14 October 2009

Christmas orders

I will shortly be starting on some Christmas themed bunnies, so if you would like to pre-order one or have one custom made, please do not be afraid to e-mail me or to leave a comment under this post.

All the bunnies for sale will be posted on my blog with the price for each :o)

01 October 2009

Off on another adventure...

This weekend we are venturing north west to a lovely part of England called Shropshire. We have never been before and are all really looking forward to it.
We are staying on a farm and I can't wait! Look out for lots of animal pictures on our return :o)

On another note I had an appointment yesterday with the VBAC midwife at the hospital, to discuss whether or not I will have to have another C-section this time around or can just go for a more 'normal' birth.

Luckily I can go for my own option of a more natural birth, but will have to be booked in for a C-section if I go overdue (again) as I'm not permitted to be induced for a second time. I'm apprehensive about either option, but I'm sure it will be fine - eek!

Leah also had a session at a pre-school this morning and I have decided that it will be the one for her, it was so nice and friendly. I have filled out her application form and now just have to wait to see when a place is available. I know she will settle in really well and unfortunately won't miss me one little bit!