01 October 2009

Off on another adventure...

This weekend we are venturing north west to a lovely part of England called Shropshire. We have never been before and are all really looking forward to it.
We are staying on a farm and I can't wait! Look out for lots of animal pictures on our return :o)

On another note I had an appointment yesterday with the VBAC midwife at the hospital, to discuss whether or not I will have to have another C-section this time around or can just go for a more 'normal' birth.

Luckily I can go for my own option of a more natural birth, but will have to be booked in for a C-section if I go overdue (again) as I'm not permitted to be induced for a second time. I'm apprehensive about either option, but I'm sure it will be fine - eek!

Leah also had a session at a pre-school this morning and I have decided that it will be the one for her, it was so nice and friendly. I have filled out her application form and now just have to wait to see when a place is available. I know she will settle in really well and unfortunately won't miss me one little bit!


LissyLou said...

enjoy yourselves Esther!!

LizzieJane said...

Have a wonderful relaxing time.

Jenny said...

I know what you mean about a child finding their feet at school quickly and not needing you! Both of mine took to kindy like fish to water! We had a caesar for our son and had planned to have our daughter naturally. Unfortunately that wasn't to be....so I have my fingers crossed that you have your dream come true! Enjoy your holiday.

Annie said...

My goodness, I hadn't realized that Leah is about to get a brother or a sister!! Must have missed that along the road... When are you due this time? I hope you are feeling good! Big hug!

Kyoko said...

Hi Esther!
What a great news about Leah's school. :D You must be relieved.
My sister recently had her baby (2 weeks ago or so). It was an unplanned c-section but she is well now. Hope everything will work out well for you the baby!
Enjoy yourself. I have been to Shropshire before and it is a beautiful place :D