31 August 2010

Back from holiday

Before going away on holiday I took part in a happy swap thanks to Lisa at Periwinkle park. My partner was Adrienne and she sent me this load of goodies!

Doesn't it all look great?
This soap smells wonderful.....
....and this little balm will come in very useful.

Some very handy cotton yarn.....

....and a lovely summery knitting book.

I just love this beach blanket in a bag, I think it will be very quickly going onto my Ravelry queue!
Thanks for all the wonderful things Adrienne, they sure made me happy!

12 August 2010

Feeling better............ thankfully!!

After a course of antibiotics, lots of calpol and tons of bribery Leah is now well on the way to a full recovery. She is back to her cheeky little self which is such a relief. I really was worried about her.

I can now get back to doing some chores around the house without feeling guily about not giving her enough cuddles, and can also give Evie some much wanted attention too! You never know, I may even get a chance to have some time to myself. ......and pigs may fly!!

It's just good to have the 'old' Leah back.


06 August 2010

poorly little girl

My eldest little baby is poorly and I don't know what to do for her. She's been running a temperature since Wednesday and the doctor thinks she has a water infection. She's really not herself and I am so worried about her. Hopefully she will be on the mend soon.

02 August 2010

Finished a Granny Blanket

I finished the granny blanket I have been making for my sister in law and I am pleased with the result.

Hubby has been fiddling with the computer so I have so far been unable to rotate my photos as I used to. I hate it when he installs different programs.

So this photo was taken the other way, but I couldn't figure how to turn it. I am but a novice when it comes to things like that!

The edging is courtesy of Lucy at Attic24 - very lovely I must say...

.....not bad colours for an acrylic bought at Aldi!!!

My baby blanket - now I want to make one for Evie :o)