26 May 2009

A busy, busy weekend

I really can't believe how much we crammed into this weekend, it just seemed so busy for a change!

Friday night I organised a hen party for my Brother in law's fiancee, so a few of us went to our local curry house for a few drinks and a girly night out. It was good fun and I bought Gill the usual dodgy tiara with a veil, learner plates and got us all bright pink feather boas to wear!

She had a good time, as did we all LOL!

Saturday we were invited to a retirement barbecue so we went there for a few hours and had a bite to eat. The food was soooo tasty, we had tandoori chicken breast, salmon kebabs, steak, sausages, jacket potatoes, salad, coleslaw and even finished off with cheese cake yummy :o)

There were a few people entertaining so we had our caricatures drawn....
..not bad really but Leah's picture was definitely the best!

Inthe evening we went to Mum's 60th party and had more to eat there! Leah was good and I took her home at about 10ish, although she was still wide awake......
Sunday was a bit quieter, we just went back to Mum and Dad's for a late breakfast - for 12 of us in the garden, not including Leah and William. It was lovely especially as the sun was shining.
I went for a two hour ride on Monday and rode one of my favourite horses, Dandini. He was such a good boy despite a few over excited bucks along the way. He really was going for it and I loved it!
To top it all off we have had the airshow over the Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday, so from our house we have been able to see some of the planes. We even had a Red Arrows formation fly past our front door (well almost!)
So now I feel like going back to work was almost a rest for me!

19 May 2009

A little gift for my friend's new baby....

I was told recently that one of my friend's gave birth to a little girl, so I decided to knit this and get it in the post to her. I don't know whether it has arrived yet, but I do hope she likes it!

I think it's really cute myself LOL!

18 May 2009

I think I've started something.....

Leah has got the knitting bug too (well crochet in this case!) If I ask her if she wants to do some knitting she grins and says 'yes' whilst vigorously nodding her head!!

This morning I gave her an old plastic crochet hook and some DK yarn and this is what she did....

... she looks totally engrossed haha!

17 May 2009

My Scraps Chap is here.....

I got round to making one of Fuzzy Mitten's scraps chaps and I really love how he turned out! You can download the pattern for a small fee here on ravelry and you get three patterns in one. I was planning to sell this little chap, but I think Leah has her eyes on him....

12 May 2009

Little Boy blue.....

I have just finished this little chap for my daughter and am so pleased with how he turned out. The eyes are much better than on Percy Pixie! I still don't love the making up but it's just something I have to put up with to get the finished result. At this rate I;m going to have to get some more toy stuffing......

Little Bo Peep is half knitted so hopefully she won't be too long in joining Little Boy Blue (minus his horn for obvious reasons when giving to a two year old).

08 May 2009

Millie the mouse

Why does the camera never give a true image? Anyway I have just finished this little mouse who told me her name is Millie. She is knitted in white acrylic with a dress made from Sirdar snuggly yarn so it is pretty soft.

She has blue safety eyes and an embroidered nose and mouth. She does look much cuter in real life as the photo is giving her a strange expression!

She will be for sale for £6.50 plus P&P. If you are interested just e-mail me or leave a message and I will get back to you. There will be more little creatures for sale soon!

A bolero for Leah

I have just finished this little bolero for leah for the summer and I was amazed at how quickly I was able to knit this up. It really flew off the needles!
I chose this green as I think it will really suit her and isn't too girly as some of the pinks can be.
I think I like the little flower the most, it's just so cute!

06 May 2009

A hospital visit

Our little monkey had an ultra sound scan at the hospital last night on her kidneys and bladder. The sonographer ( I think that's the correct name) said that there was still some fluid on her right kidney, but has gotten smaller from 1.2cm last year to 0.8cm this year, so nothing to worry about thankfully. I am just waiting to hear from the consultant now and that should be in a couple of weeks time.

All the tests she has had have shown nothing wrong, so we think it's just something that will disappear on its own eventually.

She was a really good girl so we took her to the beach afterwards (not this photo) although she didn't want to go home!

05 May 2009

Stationery and nappies for sale......

I have been having a bit of a clearout lately and am going to sell some of my stationery collection. There are both letter pads and letter sets so if anyone is interested in buying any please get in touch either by leaving a comment or by e-mailing me.

I thought I'd post about it first rather than by putting everything straight on ebay!

On another note I have a whole load of Bambino Mio nappies (second hand but clean and disinfected) for sale, but can't list on ebay as they don't allow second hand cloth nappies.

There are :-
24 small cotton nappies
24 large cotton nappies
4 newborn covers (used)
3 small covers (used)
3 medium covers (used)
3 large covers (unused in packaging)
3 ex large covers (unused in packaging)
1 roll of nappy liners (a few have been used but lots left
1 nappy bucket

so if anyone is interested in these at a good price they can be yours - brand new this cost in excess of £200!! I can courier to the UK at competitive prices.

thanks for reading this unusual post!