06 May 2009

A hospital visit

Our little monkey had an ultra sound scan at the hospital last night on her kidneys and bladder. The sonographer ( I think that's the correct name) said that there was still some fluid on her right kidney, but has gotten smaller from 1.2cm last year to 0.8cm this year, so nothing to worry about thankfully. I am just waiting to hear from the consultant now and that should be in a couple of weeks time.

All the tests she has had have shown nothing wrong, so we think it's just something that will disappear on its own eventually.

She was a really good girl so we took her to the beach afterwards (not this photo) although she didn't want to go home!


LizzieJane said...

What wonderful news, little ones should be going to the beach and not have to go to hospitals. She looks so sweet and lovely in that photo.

LissyLou said...

oh bless her, glad it seems ok though x

Chars said...

Glad to hear the fluid is reducing and hope that it means good news :)

Micki said...

Great news!