25 June 2009

Bunny has arrived at her new home

I was pleaed to heat that this bunny arrived safely in her new home. I just hope that her new owner will love her!

19 June 2009

Where have I been?

Sorry for not being about lately, I was in Devon last week and am still catching up on everything that needs doing at home.

I willb e back later to post some photos and to tell you about our antics!

01 June 2009

The riding school fair

We went to the riding school's fair over the weekend, but the day before Leah decided to lounge in the garden with a mini milk....
...lounge is definitely the right word!
I took some photos of the ponies....(I don't know this one's name - as I don't ever ride them that small)...

..this is Denver one of the escort horses...

...then Guiness and Columbus.....

....and last of all my favourite Dandini!

we went for a walk afterwards in the woods and came across this little chap...

and more of Leah!