26 June 2010

The computer is kaput!

I'm back on the keyboard after a few days without a compooter!! For some reason it decided not to work on Wednesday, which I put down to the huge number of people wanting to watch the final group match in the world cup. needless to say it wasn't that and hubby can't seem to get it to work despite pulling it apart and other things I don't really understand.

So here I am on our old desktop kindly recovered from Richard's work where it has been living for the past few months. My back aches leaning over but I suppose it will have to do.

We've had a busy day today as we are preparing for Evie's Christening tomorrow - which, by the way, is inconveniently clashing with the England second round match, but can't be helped. We were thinking of Sky Plussing it, but by half time someone will know the score anyway, so we decided just to watch the second half when we get back.

There's not much to do tomorrow, just the rest of the tidying up and the making of the sandwiches for about 60 odd people. Oh, and the icing of my carrot cake of course. Can't wait for that!

16 June 2010

Our little garden

I'm ashamed and a little embarassed to say that I am always envious of all the wonderful gardens I visit on my trips to people's blogs. I don't have green fingers at all, not in the slightest. Despite that I was out in the garden this weekend planting my flowers trying to brighten things up.

This is one of the lovely geraniums we bought, such a vibrant and vivid red against the blue of the brickwork.

This is my favourite flower in our garden, a bed of beautiful orange lillies that come back to life for a few short weeks each year.

I have, against all odds, managed to grow some veggies too, even if some were inherited from my Dad's greenhouse!

This wonderful green lettuce is almost ready for picking,

and the tomatoes are well on the way.

I can't wait for these little fellas to get big and juicy. They have some way to go yet....

These peas I can say were proudly grown by my own fair hands from seed, although I must say that this one plant in particular looks like it belongs in 'Day of the Triffids'!

I just love fresh peas - I really can't see many of these making it to the table!

12 June 2010

Blog candy arrived!

I was lucky enough to be the winner of this wonderful yarn from Ellie's great knitting blog. There are two hand dyed and one Cherry Tree Hill in Pestp. I already know which socks I'd like to knit with this when I get the chance.

This is one hand dyed,
the Cherry tree hill

and the other hand dyed. What woolly lovelyness!

10 June 2010

Playing hooky too!

I have been meaning to start this crochet pattern for a while, but after seeing quite a few blog I read taking a break (even if briefly) from knitting, I thought I would do the same for a little while and have a go at the neat ripple pattern from Attic24.

I foulnd the foundation chain really fiddly to crochet into and ended up losing stitches and with a piece of crochet a lot smaller than I had inticipated. I decided to use this as my practice run and ended with this:-

It isn't too bad for my first attempt. As I wanted to make a small cot blanket for Evie (who just decided to sick up all over my hand!), I thought I'd use a larger hook for the foundation chain, that way it would be easier for me to crochet into the chain. Ta da! It worked! I made a chain of 101 (you need a multiple of 14 +3 for the pattern) and I didn't mess up once. it also cut my time down as on first attept it took me over an hour for a very poor result!

This is my progress so far and I am really pleased with the result. I'm not totally coverted yet, but it does make a nice change.

07 June 2010

Dorset part one - Lulworth castle and Weymouth

Here is the first of my posts with photos from Dorset, I didn't realise we had taken so many so have had to do it in several goes.

We visited Lulworth castle which was actually burnt down in 1929 so the interior has completey gone. It would have been a lovely hunting lodge inside, as the outside is so grand. It was a bit hair raising walking up to the top carrying Evie, and we were all pleased to get down!

There is a farm you can visit on site and we saw lots of lovely animals including..

...this wonderful peacock (as well as a dozen others)

some ponies,

and some cute and furry alpacas.

there was a cute little seat outside the farm and I had to try it out with Leah.

This is fun!

I was also a bit naughtly so got sent to the stocks. As you can see I was not amused!

Leah was having lots of fun running about and being cheeky, then fell over and grazed her knees.
She was not happy as you can see, bless her.
We had a day out in Weymouth at the end of the week and the weather was glorious. At the end of the promenade we found the mini fun fair and Leah had fun on the rides.

She liked the safari jeep the best.....

....and we even had a ride on a magical carousel.

Finally we had a stroll along the beach, although the sand was pretty hot. Poor Evie had to watch from her pushchair. She'll be able to join in soon!

06 June 2010

I am still alive!

Sorry for not posting in ages, I find the time really flies away at the moment. I keep meaning to post the photos from our week in Dorset, as we had a lovely time and Leah loved it, especially all the ice cream.

We stayed in a place called West Bay, not far from Lyme Regis, and other than our pram breaking and having to find a shop open on a Sunday to replace it, we had a really good time.

We visited a place called Monkey World which Leah loved and really didn't want to leave!

I have also been finishing off some projects -

this sweater for Leah which I started in June 2009 (!) but luckily will fit her quite easily, as I was making a bigger size anyway. It has a lovely flower motif on the front, I just have to persuade Leah to wear it now.....

You can find the link to Ravelry here and see what the whole sweater should look like.

I have also made a couple of things for Evie,

this single buttoned cardigan in Snuggly Baby Bamboo Dk which comes up beautifully shiny before it is washed, and isn't too bad after.

I also made her this little Kimono made from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino which is another lovely yarn. I think this is a pattern I will be knitting for my niece when she is born later this year.