26 June 2010

The computer is kaput!

I'm back on the keyboard after a few days without a compooter!! For some reason it decided not to work on Wednesday, which I put down to the huge number of people wanting to watch the final group match in the world cup. needless to say it wasn't that and hubby can't seem to get it to work despite pulling it apart and other things I don't really understand.

So here I am on our old desktop kindly recovered from Richard's work where it has been living for the past few months. My back aches leaning over but I suppose it will have to do.

We've had a busy day today as we are preparing for Evie's Christening tomorrow - which, by the way, is inconveniently clashing with the England second round match, but can't be helped. We were thinking of Sky Plussing it, but by half time someone will know the score anyway, so we decided just to watch the second half when we get back.

There's not much to do tomorrow, just the rest of the tidying up and the making of the sandwiches for about 60 odd people. Oh, and the icing of my carrot cake of course. Can't wait for that!

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