07 June 2010

Dorset part one - Lulworth castle and Weymouth

Here is the first of my posts with photos from Dorset, I didn't realise we had taken so many so have had to do it in several goes.

We visited Lulworth castle which was actually burnt down in 1929 so the interior has completey gone. It would have been a lovely hunting lodge inside, as the outside is so grand. It was a bit hair raising walking up to the top carrying Evie, and we were all pleased to get down!

There is a farm you can visit on site and we saw lots of lovely animals including..

...this wonderful peacock (as well as a dozen others)

some ponies,

and some cute and furry alpacas.

there was a cute little seat outside the farm and I had to try it out with Leah.

This is fun!

I was also a bit naughtly so got sent to the stocks. As you can see I was not amused!

Leah was having lots of fun running about and being cheeky, then fell over and grazed her knees.
She was not happy as you can see, bless her.
We had a day out in Weymouth at the end of the week and the weather was glorious. At the end of the promenade we found the mini fun fair and Leah had fun on the rides.

She liked the safari jeep the best.....

....and we even had a ride on a magical carousel.

Finally we had a stroll along the beach, although the sand was pretty hot. Poor Evie had to watch from her pushchair. She'll be able to join in soon!

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LizzieJane said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time. What a lovely place to visit.