26 October 2010

Clever Girl!

Little Evie has been crawling for exactly a week and three days now and she loves being able to get about. Leah is a very good teacher and encourages her to follow her everywhere.
She can make it to the kitchen from the front room - via the dining room - in one go without collapsing in a heap half way through which we are very proud of :o)

She can also make it to the bathroom from our bedroom whilst exploringh Leah's room in the process. There really is no stopping her now.......

See what I can do!! I'l be walking next, hee hee hee!!

23 October 2010

Mrs. Cluck has flown the coop

Mrs. Cluck finally decided to put in an appearance yesterday much to Leah's delight. She is slightly obsessed with chickens thanks to my Dad or 'Grandad Chick-chick' as she likes to call him.

She spent last night in bed with Leah and they had a lovely night's sleep!!

I am not allowed to sell any of these, but would be happy to do a swap of some kind if anyone would like one knitted. Just drop me a line if you'd like to :o)

15 October 2010

Amelia's newest cardigan

I do love knitting baby things - they are so satisfying as they are finished so quickly. Evie is growing so fast I'm making 51cm chest (either 6-12 months or 1-2 years depending on the pattern) which take a little longer to knit.

This is the last of the cardigans I have made Amelia and I was able to finish it on the night of her birth and give it to her on our visit yesterday.

I was going to make it all one colour but decided that a contrast border and flower would set it off nicely. I embellished it with a little button too which gives the flower a nice little finishing touch.

I am hoping to make another to sell in either my Etsy or Folksy shop for £8 plus p&p. I will be making it in the same shade of Sirdar Snuggly 4ply, so if anyone is interested before I put it in my shop, please let me know. It is size 0-6 months, and 41cm chest.

14 October 2010

An 'ickle baby arrives

Our newest niece Amelia Rose arrived yesterday by C-section at 5.36am, weighing 6lb 7oz. She actually started her arrival on her due date (11th) but didn't arrive until the 13th.

She gave her Mummy a bit of trouble but was worth the wait, so we've been told!

What a proud Auntie!