30 July 2010

How does your garden grow?......

Mine is positively blooming - in pots anyway!

The cougettes are sprouting two - yes two - actual, real, tangible courgettes!! The other plant is flowering but so far seems to have only female flowers, so no actual fruits yet. I am indeed, an expert, don't you know - ahem!

The tomatoes are gathered daily and are waiting to be turned into something scrummy, a salad, a garlicky rich pasta sauce, who knows yet?

Then there are the butternut squash plants. Getting bigger by the day and no sign of anything much happening.

We shall just have to wait and see. Can you spy my poor basil being taking over??

29 July 2010

Beyond the square.......

have always dabbled in crochet and have had a few books sitting on the shelf for a while which I had never used - until now.

I really wanted to learn to make hexagons so I can turn into a blanket or something for Leah.

At the beginning of the week I took one of the books off the shelf and had a little go with some yarn I had left over from a few projects.

This is the result.

The book is Beyond the square crochet motifs by Edie Eckman. Although it is an American book I did manage to adjust to the terms quite easily. It is well worth a look!

27 July 2010

My Lucy Bag

After a month or so of crochet I have finished by crochet bag courtesy of Lucy at Attic24

It is a lovely simple pattern but I still mananged to make it with plenty of mistakes, hence the humungous size it turned out! I am still happy with it and my Mum has called first dibbs, so I will be dropping it of later to her.

What I liked were the easy embellishments to make the bag your own. These little flowers really add a lovely finishing touch.

I like the pattern so much I have already started another smaller one for Leah, but in a much more subltle colourway!

26 July 2010

Knitting and hooking fun with Mr. Dinosaur!?!!

Mr. Dinosaur has ben going everywhere lately and even managed to sneak his way into my photos this morning.

I wanted to show the granny blanket I made Leah, not a very difficult project to do but something that she likes to snuggle up with in bed.

She chose the colours when we were in Cornwall last year - very bright aren't they? I also have a few other crochet projects in process and am also trying out lots of different shape motifs. I think they are going to look better blocked so will photograph those as soon as I get around to doing that.

I also finished this cardigan in Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk and it is adorable. I went all the way into town on Saturday just to get a button! I really like the yoke on this and already have the yarn to make another for Evie in the next size up. Unfortunately there isn't a pattern big enough for Leah and I don't have the skill to upsize the pattern.

This is more a true likeness the colour, quite a nice lilacy - mauve (?) - pretty anywhoo!

I was having a bit of help taking the photos today as you can see and couldn't really leave this one out.

22 July 2010

I finally made it!

I finally got around to making the February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann and I absolutely love it! I used Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino yarn and I forgot how soft it is. The cardigan is for Evie and I am pleased to say it fits her. I am making another in Debbie Bliss Rialto aran and I am not sure who it will fit yet. Leah has tried it on, which would give her 3 quarter length sleeves, but I won't know for sure until it is finished.

Our tea party....

We managed to raise just over £200 for Marie Curie Cancer Care and I was really pleased with how it all went. Next year I will try to be a bit more organised!!

13 July 2010

Yummy jam.....

Take some cherries (5lb or 2.5kg) and stone them. Add them to a large pan along with some stones in a muslin bag.

Simmer with the juice of 2-3 lemons or 1 tsp of citric acid for 20 - 30 minutes.

Once boiled, dissolve in 3.5 lb (1.75kg) of sugar then boil rapidly until setting point is reached. (This can be tested by putting a small plate into the freezer, then once cold pouring a small amount onto the plate. If the mixture wrinkles when pushed, setting point has been reached - hopefully!)

Once put in jars, leave to cool......

......then enjoy for breakfast with a lovely cup of tea!

12 July 2010

So many cherries!

My brother in law's cherry tree produces an abundance of cherries each summer, most of which end up in the bird's tummies. This year I climbed up the tree and picked myself a ton (or so it seemed) of lovely juicy red cherries.

Now I can only eat so many myself so I have roped my Mum into a jam making session this afternoon. I have never made jam before so I am quite looking forward to it. I just hope it turns out OK. I just couldn't see all that lovely fruit go to waste. If we are successful I will be up that tree again quicker that you know it!
On another note, our shopping arrived today and Leah spied the sushi I ordered. She hasn't quite got the hang of chop sticks yet but she does her best! It's one of her favourites, what an odd child I have!

07 July 2010

Blooming great tea party!

For any of you bloggers who live in my area, please contact me for the details of the tea party being held tomorrow in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. I hope we raise lots of money.

Similarly, contact me if you'd like to make a donation.