27 July 2010

My Lucy Bag

After a month or so of crochet I have finished by crochet bag courtesy of Lucy at Attic24

It is a lovely simple pattern but I still mananged to make it with plenty of mistakes, hence the humungous size it turned out! I am still happy with it and my Mum has called first dibbs, so I will be dropping it of later to her.

What I liked were the easy embellishments to make the bag your own. These little flowers really add a lovely finishing touch.

I like the pattern so much I have already started another smaller one for Leah, but in a much more subltle colourway!


Bursts of Bubbles said...

That is such a cute and colourful bag :), the flowers also look great

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I need to have a go at this one day too... the list of projects is so long though... I'll be spoilt for choice once I finally get into my new house and unpack my craft stuff!

Amanda said...

Good morning Hetty! How lovely to meet you! Love your Lucy bag! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Attic24 said...

Your bag looks beautiful, very pretty summery colours :o)xxxxxx