30 July 2010

How does your garden grow?......

Mine is positively blooming - in pots anyway!

The cougettes are sprouting two - yes two - actual, real, tangible courgettes!! The other plant is flowering but so far seems to have only female flowers, so no actual fruits yet. I am indeed, an expert, don't you know - ahem!

The tomatoes are gathered daily and are waiting to be turned into something scrummy, a salad, a garlicky rich pasta sauce, who knows yet?

Then there are the butternut squash plants. Getting bigger by the day and no sign of anything much happening.

We shall just have to wait and see. Can you spy my poor basil being taking over??


Bursts of Bubbles said...

yum... I'd love to grow my own things one day but I've no idea where to start

periwinkle said...

our tomatoes are nowhere near ready yet - there is nothing better than homegrown tomatoes