26 July 2010

Knitting and hooking fun with Mr. Dinosaur!?!!

Mr. Dinosaur has ben going everywhere lately and even managed to sneak his way into my photos this morning.

I wanted to show the granny blanket I made Leah, not a very difficult project to do but something that she likes to snuggle up with in bed.

She chose the colours when we were in Cornwall last year - very bright aren't they? I also have a few other crochet projects in process and am also trying out lots of different shape motifs. I think they are going to look better blocked so will photograph those as soon as I get around to doing that.

I also finished this cardigan in Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk and it is adorable. I went all the way into town on Saturday just to get a button! I really like the yoke on this and already have the yarn to make another for Evie in the next size up. Unfortunately there isn't a pattern big enough for Leah and I don't have the skill to upsize the pattern.

This is more a true likeness the colour, quite a nice lilacy - mauve (?) - pretty anywhoo!

I was having a bit of help taking the photos today as you can see and couldn't really leave this one out.


ellie said...

The blanket and cardigans are all so cute! As well as Leah, what a big smile! :)

Sue said...

Simply gorgeous!