12 July 2010

So many cherries!

My brother in law's cherry tree produces an abundance of cherries each summer, most of which end up in the bird's tummies. This year I climbed up the tree and picked myself a ton (or so it seemed) of lovely juicy red cherries.

Now I can only eat so many myself so I have roped my Mum into a jam making session this afternoon. I have never made jam before so I am quite looking forward to it. I just hope it turns out OK. I just couldn't see all that lovely fruit go to waste. If we are successful I will be up that tree again quicker that you know it!
On another note, our shopping arrived today and Leah spied the sushi I ordered. She hasn't quite got the hang of chop sticks yet but she does her best! It's one of her favourites, what an odd child I have!


LizzieJane said...

I used to think my daughter was a little odd too as she just loved any kind of vegtable when she was small. Even brussel sprouts! She still does. Sure made for easy meal planning.

Busy little Bee said...

Hi there, how are you doing? Hope you have a wonderful summertime with friends and family.

The cherry jam looks soooo good! I have never tasted cherry jam before, although cherry is one of my fave berries to eat. =) We have a small cherry tree in our yard, but the birds are feasting frm it these days. They are not ripe, so I guess they'll have a bit of a tummy ache poor birds. ;)

What an international child you have, wanting to learn to eat with chop sticks. =D I think she's adorable!