28 April 2011

Some finished knitting

It has been a busy couple of weeks here, what with the Easter holidays and Evie beeing poorly. I haven't had much time for blogging, but have managed to finish some baby knits.

This was a spur of the moment knit and I'm still not sure who it's for. I wanted to use up some yarn and found a sport weight sock yarn just perfect for it. I edged it with some kashmir dk which gives it a lovely soft feel. The pattern is available for free here, you just have to be a member of ravelry to get it.

This little cardi is for Amelia, as long as it fits! I loved knitting the pattern and will definitely be knitting it again. If it doesn't fit her, Lily can have it. I'm sure Anna won't mind too much.

I made this cardigan for Leah and although I wasn't impressed with the yarn, the over all cardigan isn't too bad. At least she wears it, which is always a bonus. I used James C Brett marble and I wouldn't really want to use it again. That doesn't really happen to me all that often!

Finally I made another cardigan for Evie. I wanted to try and stay away from too much pink, so I decided on cream and navy. I think it turned out rather nice and she looks so cute in it. I do love Sirdar patterns, and they always come out so nice.

01 April 2011

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken

It's Leah's fourth birthday next week so I've been frantically knitting up these little chooks to go into her friend's party bags. I wanted to give them something a little bit different to take home and these were just the kind of thing that I wanted. The pattern said to use worsted weight yarn, so I comprimised and used 2 strands of various left over sock yarn, as I felt that would give an interesting effect when knitted in garter st. I was right - they came out pretty well.
I have sewn up 6 so far, so just have another 10 to go before next saturday. I think I will get there!