01 April 2011

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken

It's Leah's fourth birthday next week so I've been frantically knitting up these little chooks to go into her friend's party bags. I wanted to give them something a little bit different to take home and these were just the kind of thing that I wanted. The pattern said to use worsted weight yarn, so I comprimised and used 2 strands of various left over sock yarn, as I felt that would give an interesting effect when knitted in garter st. I was right - they came out pretty well.
I have sewn up 6 so far, so just have another 10 to go before next saturday. I think I will get there!


Bubbles said...

Those looks great and they will love them, the easter eggs look yummy too :P

Multibeavo said...

So cute! I love all the colors!

mckinkle said...


Have just seen your blog detailed in Simply Homemade and how thrilled I was so have a wander through it!

Especially lovely to see your new niece and all of the beautiful garments youve knitted up recently!

Im intrigued by the top down patterns on ravelry, I think Im happy with my trad version!! Talk about old fashioned! lol

Beautiful blog, look forward to my next visit!

Keryn x

lily said...

Hi Hetty, I linked to your blog from ravelry, those chickens are gorgeous.