10 June 2010

Playing hooky too!

I have been meaning to start this crochet pattern for a while, but after seeing quite a few blog I read taking a break (even if briefly) from knitting, I thought I would do the same for a little while and have a go at the neat ripple pattern from Attic24.

I foulnd the foundation chain really fiddly to crochet into and ended up losing stitches and with a piece of crochet a lot smaller than I had inticipated. I decided to use this as my practice run and ended with this:-

It isn't too bad for my first attempt. As I wanted to make a small cot blanket for Evie (who just decided to sick up all over my hand!), I thought I'd use a larger hook for the foundation chain, that way it would be easier for me to crochet into the chain. Ta da! It worked! I made a chain of 101 (you need a multiple of 14 +3 for the pattern) and I didn't mess up once. it also cut my time down as on first attept it took me over an hour for a very poor result!

This is my progress so far and I am really pleased with the result. I'm not totally coverted yet, but it does make a nice change.


Grooveycrafts said...

It is so pretty and I love the colours you've used. Its something Evie will probably keep for when she is older so your time spent on it will be worth it.

Annemarie's Breiblog said...

Love your crocheting!! If you like, I have a link party on my blog. You can add a picture and a link to your blog in my latest blog post. Hope to see you there because it's a great way of sharing.