05 May 2009

Stationery and nappies for sale......

I have been having a bit of a clearout lately and am going to sell some of my stationery collection. There are both letter pads and letter sets so if anyone is interested in buying any please get in touch either by leaving a comment or by e-mailing me.

I thought I'd post about it first rather than by putting everything straight on ebay!

On another note I have a whole load of Bambino Mio nappies (second hand but clean and disinfected) for sale, but can't list on ebay as they don't allow second hand cloth nappies.

There are :-
24 small cotton nappies
24 large cotton nappies
4 newborn covers (used)
3 small covers (used)
3 medium covers (used)
3 large covers (unused in packaging)
3 ex large covers (unused in packaging)
1 roll of nappy liners (a few have been used but lots left
1 nappy bucket

so if anyone is interested in these at a good price they can be yours - brand new this cost in excess of £200!! I can courier to the UK at competitive prices.

thanks for reading this unusual post!

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