26 May 2009

A busy, busy weekend

I really can't believe how much we crammed into this weekend, it just seemed so busy for a change!

Friday night I organised a hen party for my Brother in law's fiancee, so a few of us went to our local curry house for a few drinks and a girly night out. It was good fun and I bought Gill the usual dodgy tiara with a veil, learner plates and got us all bright pink feather boas to wear!

She had a good time, as did we all LOL!

Saturday we were invited to a retirement barbecue so we went there for a few hours and had a bite to eat. The food was soooo tasty, we had tandoori chicken breast, salmon kebabs, steak, sausages, jacket potatoes, salad, coleslaw and even finished off with cheese cake yummy :o)

There were a few people entertaining so we had our caricatures drawn....
..not bad really but Leah's picture was definitely the best!

Inthe evening we went to Mum's 60th party and had more to eat there! Leah was good and I took her home at about 10ish, although she was still wide awake......
Sunday was a bit quieter, we just went back to Mum and Dad's for a late breakfast - for 12 of us in the garden, not including Leah and William. It was lovely especially as the sun was shining.
I went for a two hour ride on Monday and rode one of my favourite horses, Dandini. He was such a good boy despite a few over excited bucks along the way. He really was going for it and I loved it!
To top it all off we have had the airshow over the Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday, so from our house we have been able to see some of the planes. We even had a Red Arrows formation fly past our front door (well almost!)
So now I feel like going back to work was almost a rest for me!


LissyLou said...

My eldest went to the airshow yhis weekend, and we were lucky enough to see the red arrows too. They had great weather for it this year. x

LizzieJane said...

My word you did have a busy weekend. I love the drawing of the three of you, I think Leah looks very cute!.