31 August 2010

Back from holiday

Before going away on holiday I took part in a happy swap thanks to Lisa at Periwinkle park. My partner was Adrienne and she sent me this load of goodies!

Doesn't it all look great?
This soap smells wonderful.....
....and this little balm will come in very useful.

Some very handy cotton yarn.....

....and a lovely summery knitting book.

I just love this beach blanket in a bag, I think it will be very quickly going onto my Ravelry queue!
Thanks for all the wonderful things Adrienne, they sure made me happy!


LizzieJane said...

Wasn't the swap fun! You received some amazing goodies. It's kind of like getting birthday gifts!

Denise said...

I have that book on my list, it looks great. What great goodies you got in your swap :)

Bursts of Bubbles said...

I hope you had a fantastic time in Cornwall :). The weather has been so nice this year too compared to the last few. I love that knitting book and the blanket will indeed come in handy for you with living so close to the beach :)

Adrienne said...

I am just getting around to catching up! I am so glad you enjoyed your goodies - forgive me for not blogging about your treats yet - business is getting the best of me.