02 September 2010

We are in for change...........

We haven't decorated our dining room since we moved in almost 5 years ago, and now finally it is done! I was allowed (ahem!) to choose the paper and Richard didn't have a say in it much at all - yay!

I (we) chose a large pattern print and I really love it. We had a new floor laid too so everything looks super new at the moment.

The worst bit was having to empty everything out into the conservatory and due to the HUGE amount of washing and ironing I had since coming back from Cornwall (four people really use a lot of clothes!) I haven't had a chance to put everything back yet.

The curtains for the back door are being hung on Wednesday and then it will be complete, hooray! I think this is now my favourite room :o)


LizzieJane said...

It looks wonderful.I always love having new wallpaper. I think it brightens up the whole room.

Denise said...

Very pretty. You don't see much wallpaper over here these days!

Bursts of Bubbles said...

It looks great, I would have loved to have seen a before photo.

I received your letter today but other then that the postmans been eating the mail as I didn't get a birthday card or a postcard from cornwall :(. I'm disappointed about the postcard as I was thinking of doing a postcards through the years with them all the ones that I've got... oh well I'll still do it at some point.