24 September 2010

Baby Bootees!

My sister in law's baby is due at the beginning of October so I've been frantically knitting some small baby things (I say small because all the baby things I'm knitting for Evie are bigger!) and I am enjoying the quickness of it.

She is expecting a girl so I made a simple cardigan and a cute pair of bootees.

I actually adore the little boots so much I will be making a bigger pair for Evie. I've never made bootees before and I love them! I just want to eat them up!

So here they are in all their glory - I just hope that she likes them. I'm evem tempted to make some for my Folksy shop in the run up to Christmas, I just don't know if they would sell? Do you know?


Denise said...

How cute, I love anything in pink, but little booties and cardi are always the sweetest :)

ellie said...

Oh my, the cardi and bootes are really cute! :)

Bursts of Bubbles said...

They are so cute, may some booties and add them, you've got nothing to loose plus its something that can be used all year around. Maybe you can list it as a custom order and people can request the colours they want if that is easir from the colour list you will put in the listing (since you may other wise not be able to get colour they ask for)