16 September 2010

Another 'Lucy' bag

I just wanted to show you the other bag I made from the lovely pattern over on Attic24's blog. It is so named the 'Lucy bag' after the wonderful creator.

This time I chose just four colours and I think the effect is much better than the last one. I also decided not to make it quite so big, as I don't know how to line bags, and without doing this it isn't so strong. That's one thing I wish I knew how to do!

As before the little crocheted flowers and buttons really set it off nicely. I just have to make sure Leah doesn't pinch it.

Thanks Lucy for the great pattern, it is much appreciated.

1 comment:

Joy said...

Very nice. I`ll do you a deal. You teach me to crochet and I will help you line your bags, lol. xxx