22 September 2010

Update on Leah

Do you remember back in August when Leah had a water infection? Well she was referred to Paediatrics at the hospital by our GP because of the history she had with the RPD whilst I was pregnant.

We had the appointment yesterday and everything went really well. She was really good being examined and we've been given three pointers to try and prevent any further infections. One of the things is to have shorter baths which she isn't happy about, but hey, you've got to do what's best for them.

The X-ray department rang today - which was very quick - to arrange an ultra sound which has been arranged for October, so hopefully nothing will show up on that. Then she has a follow up appointment in January. You really can't knock the NHS in my humble opinion!

On another note Evie is so near crawling I keep expecting her to crawl off any moment. She's doing the rocking thing on her knees - which Leah never did - and she can really get about 'Commando' crawling and it's so cute!


Flutterby Patch said...

Sweet little Leah, what a cutie. My daughter had similar and we were cautious about baths and hygene for quite a while but she's had no long term affects. (She's now 31). Leah looks to be a dermined little character so I reckon she'll be crawling soon and into all sorts of mischief. Have fun!!

Bursts of Bubbles said...

Hopefully everything will be ok with Leah... fingers crossed.

Evie looks so gorgeous :). My niece didn't crawl at all, she some how shuffled on her bottom without you realising it she'd be at the other end of the room but this only lasted a week before she was up and holding things to walk around.