29 October 2009

Some yummy goodies on their way (soon)

I saw a lovely post on Lizzie Jane's blog about her soap making and I really couldn't resist. Her daughter has a lovely etsy shop with an amazing amount of bath goodies which I just had to have. Luckily she ships to the UK too!

I ordered some delicious items as you can see :o)

This one is a vegan Jasmine soap (can't wait for this)

a Frankinscence and myrhh soap bar, just in time for Christmas,

and finally some little strawberry and kiwi bears for Leah to have in her bath (she loves to get clean).

I would recommend popping by as she has a 20% sale until 31st October and everything is beautifully made!


Jackie said...

Oh Esther ~ I love those little pink teddy bear soaps they are gorgeous! I will have to pop over now to that shop for a little look :O)

Joy said...

Oh my giddy aunt. The all look so great. No wonder you could not resist. Might have a look myself.

iSew said...

Lucky for me those lovely ladies are doing a show in my area next weekend. I get to sniff before I buy, yummy!!

LizzieJane said...

Thank you so very much for blogging about our shop. What a sweet thing to do.
I hope your soap arrives very soon.
Have a wonderful day Esther.

Denise said...

oh my gosh, that first soap looks so yummy. Will have to pop over to her shop and take a looky ;)