24 October 2009

An evening walk to the beach

We didn't get out if the house much yesterday, mainly due to cleaning, washing and ironing (what joy!) so once dinner was on, I though Leah would like a little trip to the beach.

Armed with her bucket and spade we set off hand in hand to the seafront - just at the end of the road!

She always loves it there, filling her bucket with shingle and trying to make a sandcastle (that is never going to work, is it?)

She had fun anyway and I enjoyed watching her playing with the shells.

She even ran up the hill on the way home, I wish I had that much energy. No chance with a growing baby inside me !


periwinkle said...

the weather has been just horrible lately hasn't it -- my boy want to go to the beach but it's still raining ? Hope you are doing ok

Busy little Bee said...

It looked like a nice day at the beach, no snow at least. ;o) Have yourself a wonderful Sunday. :o)