20 November 2008

Welcome Matilda and Morris!

Today my lovely package of monkeys arrived from Kitty Wrinkle and I am thrilled to bits with them. I hope the kiddliwinks will like them for Christmas.

The little monkeys told me that their names were Morris and Matilda and that they are cousins, just like their new owners! Matilda is a year older than her cousin Morris, which is why she is a little taller. They said they can't wait to meet their new owners, but I told them they will have to be patient and wait until Christmas day. Until then they will be staying with me!

I introduced them to a little bunny named Beatrice (who is for sale by the way) and she seems to have made them feel very welcome.
Many thanks Kitty!


Kitty said...

Hooray! So pleased they arrived safely - I always worry about wrapping them in that plastic stuff in case they can't breathe *blush*

Matilda and Morris are fabulous names.


Jenny said...

Lovely to see your new house guests! They are two funky monkey's! Good luck with selling your wares. Your rabbits will sell like hot cakes I'm sure. Have you set up an Etsy store? Jen