22 November 2008

Can you believe it??

I thought I would make the most of the Debenhams sale yesterday and went into town with my sister to do a bit of Christmas shopping.

It was a complete nightmare taking the pushchair as all the clothes are put out too close together, so its like an assault course just trying to get to where you want to. Add into the mix a bored and hungry toddler and a stressed out Mum and you end up with me being in a real bad mood!

Nevertheless, I managed to get a good chunk of my Christmas presents bought, and with another trip into town today, (with the help of Richard) we've managed to get most of it bought and its not even December yet! That's a record for us as we usually leave it to the lasy minute LOL!

I also got myself a dress to wear to my coleagues wedding reception on Friday night - so now I'm relieved I haven't got to go in my birthday suit.....

Onto nicer things, I've got my first waving not drowning sock finished and I can't believe how quick it was to do. Some patterns seem to take forever, but I finished this sock in two days which is another record for me!

I am really pleased with how the striping has turned out so now I just have to make the second one so Mum can have her Christmas pressie!


Kyoko said...

Oh, I am totally avoiding West End during the weekend..... I am to scared to go there during the Christams period. I hope you were alright. You are so organised to have done majority of the Christmas shopping. I think I will start now.
I love the socks! I agree, the stripes are wonderful! Have a great weekend :D

Kitty said...

Fab socks!

I'm afraid I have a very low tolerance for crowded shops. The tenth person who pushes me gets a stare, and everyone from then on, gets more and more aggravation from me. Still, it's good you got the presents! x

Grooveycrafts said...

I love the colour as well as the fancy edging. You should really start making them to sell as I'd definately be in line buying constant pairs :)

Denise said...

Very pretty sock.
You're very brave for attempting Debenhams with a stroller!

LizzieJane said...

I just hate Christmas shopping, the crowded stores just make me want to forget all about it and go home. Thankfully I am almost finished and it feels really great!
Lovely socks by the way, they look warm and cosy.

Rachael Rabbit said...

I love knitting and just hate shopping too! Those socks are great!