06 April 2010

Happy Belated Easter.....

I hope that everyone had a good Easter. We spent it with family - on Saturday we had champagne and drinks to celebrate Evie's birth, and Sunday and Monday evenings we had dinner with my parents and then the in laws.

Tomorrow we are having a day out as it is the little monkey's 3rd birthday. I hope she'll have a fun day!

I planned to make bunny egg cosies for all Leah's friends who are coming to her party on Saturday, but what with having Evie wanting most of my time I haven't had a chance to knit all the pieces let alone sew them up which I found to be pretty time consuming.

I did manage one complete cosie so Leah's nabbed that one!

I have managed to knit a little cardigan for Evie, but with the rate she is growing an the lack of warm weather, I'm not sure if she'll get around to wearing it. I do hope so as I think its a really pretty one.

Here she is today, being a very good girl whilst I prepared dinner. What a cutie, even if I do say so myself!


Jackie said...

It sounds like you had a lovely Easter weekend ~ I love the bunny cozy and the beautiful little pink cardi too. Little Evie is indeed a little cutie! :O) x

Grooveycrafts said...

The bunny cosy would have been so popular with the children but if Easter is around this time next year its something you can prepare in advance for then.

Evie has such a cute smile :D

Chars said...

Evie is a cutie :)

Perhaps Evie could wear the little pink cardigan over a long sleeved t-shirt or dress?

Happy Birthday Leah!

sue said...

What a cute egg cozy! I like the short sleeved cardigan too, very pretty. I do hope your daughter gets to wear it, otherwise put it away for a gift! I usually do that as my daughter grows so quickly that sometimes she only wears things a few times!

LizzieJane said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful Easter. My goodness a 3rd birthday already... Happy Birthday Leah! What little angels they both are.

Kyoko said...

Happy belated Easter!
Hehe, the egg cozy is so cute and your cardi too.
Your baby has grown so much. Doesn't she have such a beautiful smile?

Grooveycrafts said...

I was just sorting through all my postcards and came across a photo of Leah as a baby, Evie looks very similar to her, I just didn't realise earlier as Leahs lost a chubby babyness.