08 July 2008

Now a relaxing Monday evening........

Phew, what a relief to put my feet up at the end of the day! Leah and I took my sister to the supermarket this morning to do our weekly shop and Leah was as good as gold and only screamed once!

Then this afternoon, after her nap (when I created my blog) we uploaded some photos to the pc which took forever but we got there eventually :o)

We went to get some new PJs for Leah and I ended up buying some shoes and a new handbag too, luckily they were half price and I di like a bargain.

I had no mail today and signed all my fbs yesterday, with the help of Leah, who put the signed ones in my box (and took all the others out and spread them across the floor!) She always seems to like the sparkly ones LOL!

So tonight I'm putting my feet up and relaxing, watching some TV with Richard and I'm pondering having a glass of wine....... I may even get my knitting out as I don't have to concentrate on that at all!!

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