09 July 2008

FINALLY some mail!!!

Here is part of a swap via CuteFBswappers, from a Finnish swapper, the theme was Diddl & Friends.

This was the second part of the same swap, Cute Disney Characters. Aren't they great??

Here is the private swap from my swapper in the USA - can you see any of your fbs here?? What a great swap!


Roos said...

hi ,

thanks for you sweet comment on my blog :)

love to be your new swapper :)
yeah i also take moms FB`s .

email me for my address :)
greetings Roos

Erika M said...

Hi! I got your excess fbs today, thanks a lot. Yes, there is one fb made by me among them, the one with a Morehead sticker LOL

Erika M said...

Esther, I'm sorry, but I was talking about your post when you asked if there were any fbs made by someone... reading my comment now, it really seems I'm talking about the ones you sent me, but I'm not LOL There is one fb I made in the photo on your blog =)