15 July 2008

Still no baby 'Prowse' yet..

When I last spoke to my Mum, at around 1.30pm, she said Anna was still at home, but they were shortly leaving for the hospital. They had tried to call earlier to admit her, but as her waters haven't broken they wouldn't let her go yet. I could hear her distressed in the background and Mum says she's exhausted already. Well who wouldn't be after being in labour since 2am! Anyway I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly for her (unlike me!) and that the baby will arrive safely, and sooner rather than later. it makes me angry that the hospital wouldn't admit her when she is in pain, with no relief at home, and the fact that no one can do anything to help her. I've wished her lots of luck and this time tomorrow I will be an auntie!!

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