13 July 2008

What hard work today......

I've been horseriding this morning and the horse I rode was really hard work today. For some reason she didn't want to trot to catch the horse in front, so I used all my energy trying to get her moving. We did have some good canters, but she wasn't as forward going as she has been before. I think she's getting bored LOL!

In this picture she looks as good as gold :o)

She is still one of my favourites, just a bit more challenging now. Hopefully she'll be better the next time I ride her, although I still had a good time today, especially as the sun was shining.

I'm still tired from yesterday as we went to bed a bit later as Mum and Dad stayed over, and I've been awake since 6.30 am when Leah woke up. I'm tempted to have a nap whilst she is asleep although I ought to write some letters..........my eyes feel very heavy..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1 comment:

ellie said...

She's really adorable! :) I guess all the horses have "bad" days someday, esp. the mares. But challege is the best. :)