08 July 2008

who invented blogs? They're too addictive...

I have to admit I am rather addicted to my blog and am constantly discovering new things to add and also other people's blogs. It's great fun!
I did plan to watch a new drama on BBC1 this evening and did my blogging throughout the whole thing. Lucky I have Sky+ and I'll be able to watch it another time.
For the last few minutes (!) before I go to bed I think I'll try and finish the back of the Daisy wrapover cardigan I'm making for Leah at the moment.
Tomorrow I plan to upload the photos of the socks I have made so far - well apart from the 2 pairs I made for my Mum, which I forgot to photograph, but everyone will get an idea from the other pairs I have made. Hopefully they will be liked. I find them really quick and easy to make, but were a bit difficult at first as I had never used DPNs before, let alone 4 at once!

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Grooveycrafts said...

I know what you mean about blogs as I am constantly thinking I want to blog about this or that and could end up having 4 or 5 posts a day but I have to hold back but I am constantly coming back to see what everyone has posted as I love reading them much more.