31 July 2008

Bought the chocolate for my swap....mmmmm..

This morning I have been to the post office to post a letter to my dear friend in Holland, and I've also been to the sweet shop to buy some chocolate for a friend in Finland who is kindly sending me some liquorice (mmmmm.......) in return!

I decided to post the chocolates on here so that all the chocoholics that read this blog will be jealous and my friend can see what I am sending her.

I spent a little more on the chocolate than the liquorice - £2.80, but I think the postage will be lighter, so that balances it out a little, as postage is expensive from here in the UK! The weight of the chocolate is 250g (not so good for the waist line!!!).
I hope the 6 bars will be enough - if they are not - you know who you are if I am sending them to you - please let me know, I'd like to be fair! I may also send a little surprise too if you are lucky LOL!
My favourites are the 'Time Out' and 'Twirl', but I also love the 'Crunchie' bar and the 'Flake' - I actually bought all the ones I like myself :o) x


ellie said...

Yiiiiihaaaa!!!! I simply can't wait your envie! :D (I'm pretty sure the chocos are for me LOL) And 6 bars is truly enough! Gosh I'll be SO spoiled.

LizzieJane said...

Lucky friend, what a treat for her, I know she will enjoy them very much!

Esther said...

HI Hanna, its all packaged and ready to send x

Chars said...

It was interesting to see what Cadbury chocolate looks like there - packaging is different here - we have them all except the starbar....? Its probably named something different here?

My favourite is twirl :) YUMMO Your friend is in for a treat :)