25 July 2008

been out to play!

Leah and I have just got back from being at a Thai friend's house for a play and a bite of lunch. Leah played with all the other children there aging from 12 to 17 months and she had a great time.

She made us some lovely fried rice - much better than mine ever is. We joked saying she'll have to give me Thai cookery lessons - yum, yum, yum :o)

When I got back I saw that the postman had been with my package, but as I was out he didn't leave it so I have to collect from the post office tomorrow - hmmph! I know what it is, but it still doesn't stop me being impatient. I always get like that when I am waiting for something to arrive.

Mum e-mailed me this photo of Leah from yesterday trying to eat an oyster shell (well at least it kept her quiet) so I thought I would share it. What a shame you can't see her face!

Off now to drink my tea - what would I do without it?

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Annie said...

Oh how much she has grown, your little baby! LOL! Time really flies, doesn't it?! Thanks for the comment on my blog - before that I didn't even know you had one!! Now I've linked to it! ;o)

Lots of hugs,