04 December 2009

What to put in a toddler's advent calendar?

I finally found an advent calendar for Leah which I didn't have to put together from a kit and wasn't over £30.
I actually found it at our local Church Christmas bazaar for £3!

I had to come up with some ideas to fill it with as I didn't really want to give her sweets or chocolates each day.

I looked on Ravelry for some small toy knits which wouldn't be too time consuming and would be loved by Leah.

The first I found was a pattern for an Amigurimi Pocket Bunny which was a bit fiddly, but pretty cute. Leah keep moaning that iIidn't make it a tail!

The second I have made so far is for a holiday mouse by Fuzzy mitten (this can be found via the link to Ravelry or via her blog). This was a really quick knit and knitted up in just a few hours. As it is knitted straight it wasn't as fiddly and as she uses bobbles rather than knitting arms and legs there is much less sewing!

I think he's pretty darn cute :o)

We're going to finish off the Christmas shopping today so we're going to head into town early(ish) to beat the lunchtime rush!


a mermaids purse said...

awwwww thats a great advent x i think thats what christmas should be about - making home made sweet gifts that children will treasure...love the sweet mouse xx

Joy said...

Oh good , you found one. Yes I know what you mean about the ready made ones, sooooooooo expensive. The littel knitteds are great. x

Anonymous said...

Your knitting toys are so cute:D BTW, I am looking forward to your letter!!

TeddyBearsCottage said...

Hey Hettie. What a brilliant idea. I've completely fallen in love with Barbara's Holiday Mice!

Anonymous said...

oooooh !!! How sweet !!!! Happy Christmas Season :)

Kyoko said...

AAwww, love the festive knit animals. They are gorgeous!
I also like the Christmas wall on your blog :D
Gosh, Christmas has come really quickly this year! :D


Anonymous said...

Joyeux Noël !!!! Belle journée !!!! ♥

I love this little mouse !!!!